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Completed Project

1) Name of the Project: Maximum Energy Utilization of Solar Irrigation and Develop Sustainable Business Model with Remote Monitoring and Payment Gateway for the Off-Grid Areas of Bangladesh

Name of PI: Syed Ishtiaq Ahmed, Head of Sales, Rahim Afroz Renewable Energy LTD

Project Duration: 14/02/2017-30/06/2019

Project Objective: Design a system that can harness unused energy potential of Solar PV Modules in solar irrigation system

Project Outcome:

An effective result showed a utilization factor of unused energy to reach 35% within 2 months of operation and is in growing trend. This project also proved technical feasibility of utilizing solar power which is not being used during non-irrigating season to different economic applications such as E-Bike Charging, Backup electricity during load shedding hours etc. All these findings are very important to scale up solar irrigation project all across Bangladesh with attractive economic and business proposition.


2) Name of the Project: Design and Optimization of Parabolic Reflected type Solar Cooker for Indoor Application 

Name of PI: Muhammad Shahriar Bashar, Principal Scientific Officer, Institute of Fuel Research and Development (IFRD), Bangladesh Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (BCSIR)

Project Duration: 04/04/2016-31/12/2020

Project Objective: To design a gravity based sun tracking parabolic reflector type solar cooker for community based cooking.

Project Outcome:

Arrangements are made to place a full functional solar cooking management system in a madrasa or community kitchen. Based on the latitude and longitude of Bangladesh, a 16 square meters of reflector based solar thermal cooking system along with sun tracker mechanical technique were designed, simulated and finally installed at Bikrampur Badshahi Darul Ulom Madrasha, Dampara, Arial Bazan Road, Tangibari, Munshiganj.


3) Establishment of BEMS Lab at EEE Dept., BUET


Name of PI: Dr. S. Shahnawaz Ahmed, Professor, Department of EEE, BUET

Project Start Date: 01/03/2018

Project End Date: 31/12/2020

Objective of the Research

The main objective of the project is to develop an occupancy sensitive real-time automation

Scheme to reduce the energy consumption of any brand of cooling (AC units) and lighting loads

already existent at a given space optimizing respectively two sets of variables.


 Outcomes of the Project

  • A low cost automation scheme has been developed for energy conservation using off the-shelf (i.e. non-customized) hardware.


  • The scheme results in auto update of ACs’ temperature setting and auto switching of lighting units depending upon the occupancy and ambient conditions so that an optimum reduction in electricity consumption is ensured maintaining the comfort of users.


  • The prototype developed for the system was tested using 3 AC units of different brandsand 16 composite units of LED (Light Emitting Diode) tubes already existent in a labspace.
  • The test showed energy saving from about 11% to 35% for cooling loads and around 35% to 87.5% for lighting loads as the occupancy decreases from high to low level.
  • The developed scheme is scalable and adaptable for a multistoried building with any number of floors and rooms and any brand of AC and lighting units.

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